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Stony Lane Elementary School

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Lunch Menus

Stony Lane Lunch Information

Here is the information regarding school lunches available for ordering for the first week of school. Overall, there are 2 choices a day. Both lunch choices include Fresh Veggies w/ Ranch, Fruit and Milk.

Lunch A - Deli Lunch changes daily 

Monday -Chicken or Turkey or Ham & Cheese Sandwich-baked chips 

Tuesday- Turkey & Cheese Grinder-pretzels

Wednesday - Salami or Bologna or Turkey & Cheese on a bun-Chocolate sports bites

Thursday -Ham or Turkey & Cheese Grinder- Honey Grahams

Friday - Turkey Sandwich -Sun chips


Lunch B (same lunch offered M-F)

Sunny Butter & Strawberry Jelly Sandwich

includes the daily crunchy snack or healthy treat 



Please note that distance learners will be provided up to 5 breakfasts and lunches for pick up on Fridays at NKHS hours between the hours of 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.


Identification with a Student Pin or a class schedule must be presented at the time of pick up.


At this time, I do not have any information regarding the daily price for lunch, but I will share that once I know. I do know that there will be plenty of lunches for those who need them.