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Stony Lane Elementary School

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Growing Library Program

Growing Library Program

Our fund raising program to get the newest titles into student hands throughout the school year.


What is the Growing Library Program?

Our Growing Library program helps to add many popular titles to our library collection. Seed books are kept in the library and may be picked by your family at any time. A popular time for picking a book to "Grow our Library" is during our annual open house in September when all books are on display. Cost of books are most often between $12 and $16. It is usually less than the cover price as we get a library discount and do not pay sales tax.

To join in the harvest, simply stop by our library, pick a book, fill out the dedication slip found inside, make a check payable to Stony Lane Elementary School for the amount indicated, and choose your book plate style: either our growing book or a school photo. The book plate will be placed in the front of the book for all to see. Please note that if you select your child's picture book plate, it is the current school photo which appears on the book plate.  If your child is absent on school picture day we will wait for the picture retake or use the growing book clip art.