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Our Collections

Our Collections

Find out what types of materials our library has for you to borrow.

What does our library contain?

The library at Stony Lane Elementary School contains approximately 11,000 print items, 1,000 eBooks accessible on most devices using  Follett's Destiny Discover App available in your favorite app store.  Print materials are divided into 5 main sections in the library.

BR - Beginning Readers; practice reading books with controlled vocabulary and word count. These books are identified with a green dot on the spine and are in order by the first letter of the author's last name.

E - Everyone Fiction books; although these are mostly fiction picture books, these books do not necessarily have a low reading level.  Most of these books are fiction picture books and are enjoyed by readers of all ages. These books are identified with the letter E and the first three letters of the author's last name on the spine label.

FIC - Fiction Chapter Books All books in this section are fiction stories, usually of longer length than the E section and the text is most important and does not usually rely on illustrations if included; predominantly chapter books.  These books are identified with the letters FIC and the first three letters of the author's last name on the spine.

NONFICTION - Books in this section are informational books, usually nonfiction, though graphic novels, folk and fairy tales can also be found in this area. These books are arranged by subject using Dewey Decimal Numbers.

REFERENCE - Reference materials are our tools for finding information. They may be checked out by students and teachers for the school day only. In this section you will find encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, access to the Internet, and more! Due to their high cost and frequent use, reference materials do not usually leave the school building. However, if a family has a special request for research projects, parents may come to school to check these items out.

MAGAZINES - Historically we have subscribed to 5 different magazines for students, although not all are renewed each year.  Back issues may be kept for up to 3 years. ChickaDee, Discovery Girl, LEGO Kid Jr., National Geographic for Kids, Ranger Rick, and Sports Illustrated for Kids.  Magazines are not current at this time.

Donations Our school library is happy to accept any donations in good condition for consideration to add to our library collection. However, due to space constraints, we can not always keep your book as a part of our library. If your book is not added to our library, we will place it in our free book box, where students are free to take a book or give a book at anytime. Also, because of time and cost, unfortunately we are not able to add a book plate to donation books, sorry!