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Stony Lane Elementary School

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Interested in being a volunteer in your child's classroom?  What about volunteering at a school event or on a field trip? Stony Lane is one of few schools that provides opportunities for parents to be part of the school's many events and activities.  In order to participate, each parent must first have been cleared by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).  The Stony Lane PTO is offering chances to facilitate the entire BCI process for you.  If you've already been cleared in the past, please note that a new BCI must be checked each school year (not calendar year) beginning after July 1, 2019.


You can apply for your BCI in the following ways:



2) you may complete your BCI in person at the BCI desk (does not need to be notarized if you appear at the AG office in person)

  • Bring your printed release form and one of the following:

    • State Issued Driver’s License

    • State Issued Identification Card

    • Passport

  • Check or money order (NO CASH) for $5.00 payable to BCI

Phone number for AG Office is 401-274-4400

3) During the Open Houses at Stony Lane, the PTO offers assistance with your submission of the BCI. A notary will attend the open houses which are scheduled for September 11th (grades K-2) and for September 12th (grades 3-5).  (Bring your license, or front and back copies of your license, and a check payable to BCI for $5).

However, if you fall into one of the following categories, please contact LINKS for the procedure as set forth by NKSD for a National BCI:

1) Non RI Resident

2) You have lived in RI for less than 1 year

3) You are chaperoning an overnight event or field trip regardless of residency