School Policies

New for 2020-2021

All students must come to school each day with their own mask or cloth face-covering. They are required to wear face masks or cloth face-coverings in school, on school property and on a school bus. Face mask or cloth face-coverings must be properly worn to cover the student’s nose and mouth. Should a student forget his/her mask or cloth face-covering or lose or damage it during the school day, the District will have spare reusable and/or disposal face coverings for the student.

  • Please note the following exceptions:
    Students whose health or safety is put at risk by wearing a mask or cloth face-covering are
    required to provide medical documentation.

  • Students who are in a classroom or participating in a supervised activity, may be permitted to remove their mask provided they maintain at least six feet of distance from any other individuals. However, they must wear their mask or face covering at all other times. Students may be given a mask break whether outside or in a large room where they can be situated away from others.

  • Students who are eating or drinking may remove their mask to do so.

Any student who refuses to wear a face mask or face covering shall be removed from school and required to participate in distance learning.

2019-2020: Students eating peanuts and/or nut containing foods at lunch will sit at their regular classroom table, they will no longer sit at the special "ok peanuts/nuts” table. Students who consume peanuts/nuts at lunchtime may be asked to wash their hands prior to returning to their classroom if a student with a severe peanut/nut allergy exists in that classroom.  

No peanut/nut table will continue- There is one table designated as “no peanut or nuts” in the cafeteria. Only identified students and friends are allowed at this table.